another photograph from the national arboretum visit. with just a little bit of adjustment in lightroom this photograph really came to life. it isn’t hdr but seems to have some hdr-esque personality. the color and shape of these plant tips is what drew my eye. i’m a sucker for purple…

update: the above photograph is available as a desktop background wallpaper

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xmas tree minimal

have a safe and happy holiday!!

available as a desktop background wallpaper, enjoy 😉


This is another image from our visit to the National Arboretum in Washington, DC. I am *slowly* churning through these photos; I really haven’t found many to which I am particularly drawn. Usually, after letting them rest for a while I am able to return with a fresh eye and “see”. Not so much with this set.

Update: available as a nice wallpaper from here.


From the National Arboretum during a recent visit back to DC

Update 11-dec-10: available as a large, widescreen, wallpaper from here, download and enjoy!

spring road trip 2010 – day 4

My day starts early, I’m fortunate enough to see dawn slowly consume the eastern sky, a sight I seldom witness. The valley is peaceful and quiet; winds are almost non-existent, more an occasional breeze than wind at this hour. I make coffee and a few photographs but, mostly I sit quietly, sipping my coffee, letting the day come to me. Continue Reading →

context and impact

we were at the legion of honor yesterday for a french impressionist exhibit. neither of us knew there was a holocaust memorial as well. we agreed to visit the memorial after finishing at the museum.

we’d gone to the united states holocaust memorial museum in washington while visiting this past january. while the museum did indeed leave an enduring impression; i felt the memorial yesterday had a greater impact.

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I was out with a friend having dinner in the city one evening last week. After we ate, we decided to walk around a bit. We were walking through an alley while discussing architecture, photographing interesting buildings as we’d passed. When we emerged from the alley, onto Market street, I noticed this scene to our right. The clothing boutique below, the gym above, the sole woman exercising, both encased in the glass and steel of an artificial environment. Continue Reading →

welcome home

I saw this yesterday, it was thought provoking for me on this fourth of july weekend. The fourth is about independence, fighting and dying for a way of life. It stirred memories of my father and all the others who have sacrificed in uniform. Continue Reading →

spring road trip 2010 – day 3, afternoon

Arriving at Furnace Creek, it’s almost time to celebrate, the temperature has increased substantially and Karen has almost completely thawed. It is, however, quite windy here in the parking lot of the Furnace Creek ranger station. Continue Reading →