san francisco building - matt maier


Posted on 14 Jun ’10

I was up in San Francisco last week having dinner with a friend. I don’t get in to the city much and when I do it is usually already night. While we were walking to dinner, I kept looking up at the buildings and skyline. I couldn’t stop, the buildings looked amazing where we were walking. I live on the coast when I look out my window or walk somewhere I see beach, water and horizon…not buildings.

It is always very interesting and different when I go to the city. Especially in the financial district with the crisp lines and sharp angles of modern construction, rather than, stone and wood found in other parts of the city. The light only served to make these huge buildings more engaging, the sun had begun to set and there was soft, diffuse light bouncing off of all the glass and metal. This lighting worked wonders to provide great reflections and accentuate the lines of all the buildings.

I do like the blue and purple shades in the color versions of these photographs. But, the photographs are about how imposing these buildings are with their rigid structure, stark shapes and reflections – the attributes which originally captivated my attention that evening. I think this “feeling” is best communicated through black and white. The color versions, even though monochromatic, do not assist or add any meaning to the story within the photographs nor what motivated me to make them. Hope you enjoy them!