weed - matt maier


Posted on 14 Jun ’10

We were coming down from the sierra national forest on our way to see friends in fresno. We decided to stop at idlehour winery to pick up a bottle or two for dinner that evening. After spending a bit of time deciding which bottles to get – ending up with a sampler of six – we were leaving when karen noticed the field of poppies below the parking lot and decided it was time to shoot.

We had been following the clear area all the way down, what had been hail at around 7K feet was just an afternoon downpour at 2600 feet in oakhurst. I never made it out of the parking lot. While waiting for my lens to warm up and de-fog so that I could take advantage of the waterdrops on wild flowers; I was shooting weeds around a telephone pole drying in the warm sunlight. I really liked this one turned out with a small bit of the weed bent from the weight of water peeking in from the top; while the background provided a richness and visual stimulation with tones and diffraction of the sun through drops of water.

Feel free to download the original image to use as a desktop background or wallpaper.