a drop of afternoon light

Posted on 17 Jun ’10

Another photograph from when we were on our way from the sierra national forest to fresno and stopped in oakhurst at the idlehour winery to pick up some of their excellent vino to accompany dinner. The fog on the front element of my lens, caused by the cold at altitude, was now receding in the warmth of the sun and lower altitude. Much of the rain was also beginning to dry. The shower was brief and it warmed back up very quick. The atmosphere really brought back memories of childhood on the east coast; afternoon thunderstorms followed by warm, bright sunshine leaving the streets steaming and plants dripping.

As always, the purple drew my eye as a backdrop for the lone weed stem with only the smallest of water drops remaining. I took several photographs of this particular stem, from various angles and altering exposure for more and less depth of field.  I finally decided this is the one which I like best. The other photographs, with the background more in focus, just did not stir my memories nor convey as warm a feeling to me. Hope you enjoy it as well, maybe it will trigger some childhood memories in you as well…

Feel free to download the original image to use as a desktop background or wallpaper.