embrace of the stargazer - matt maier

stargazer lily

Posted on 7 Jul ’10

Karen and I have developed this habit of trading flowers. We will each randomly get the other a bouquet of flowers for no particular reason. Well, no specific occasion – I suppose the reason would be that we both enjoy having fresh flowers around the house. Last week, Karen brought home these amazing stargazer lilies; huge blossoms, very fresh, and very healthy. After a week in a vase they have all opened and are still looking beautiful and strong. Unusual given we do not see much sun during this time of year due to the thick marine layer and lilies supposedly like sun. This picture is from one of the first ones as it opened last week, the tepal embracing (or strangling, pick your own metaphor) an unopened flower.

If you like the photograph you may download the full size version to use as a desktop background wallpaper.